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Welcome to the Law Offices of Paul C. Herman

We are a litigation firm focusing on the defense of Workers’ Compensation claims!

Our expertise is successfully working with our clients to build a team atmosphere whose purpose is the expeditious and effective resolution and closure of claims. We encourage employers and adjusters alike to participate in the decision making process to create a mutually agreeable file handling strategy. Active input and understanding the decision making process establishes trust and loyalty among the employer, adjuster and our law firm.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of legal representation. Our attorneys are responsible for protecting California employers from frivolous and fraudulent claims, as well as representing and assisting employers with:

California Workers’ Compensation Laws are ever-changing and our firm is dedicated to keeping up to date with these changes and the impact they have on our clients and their claims. We regularly attend educational seminars and webinars to ensure we are kept informed of Legislative changes and significant case law decisions.

Our experience, our ability to obtain favorable results for our clients and our integrity make our firm suited to your needs.